Weekly Roundup: December 16

Weekly Roundup: December 16

Here is the fifth regular update by TYPE of font releases, custom type launches, and type-related events.



Swiss Typefaces released Euclid, a mega-family that they’re calling “the best Geometric typeface ever.” Named after Euclid—the ancient inventor of geometry—the typeface comes in five variations: Flex, Circular A, Circular B, Square, and Triangle. Here’s how Swiss Typefaces describes the differences: “Where Euclid Square is blunt, Euclid Triangle is acute. Euclid Circular A can be seen as idealistic, while Euclid Circular B appears undogmatic. The multi-faceted Euclid Flex has a bit of everything.” You can see and try Euclid on the Swiss Typefaces website.


Adelle Sans Arabic

TypeTogether published Azza Alameddine’s “translation of [Adelle Sans’s] Latin’s forms into the voice of about 230 million people.” The new typeface is available in eight weights, providing a “perfect counterpart to the Latin in tone, vertical proportions, and functionality.” The original, award-winning Adelle Sans was designed by Veronika Burian and José Scaglione and released in 2012. Both Adelle Sans and Adelle Sans Arabic can be found on the TypeTogether website.


The font rental program Fontstand has finally made its way to Windows. The service, which allows users to test fonts for free or rent them month-by-month, now boasts a total of 1,235 type families from 47 foundries, including Émigré, Commercial Type, Signal Type Foundry, Mark Simonson Studio, DJR, and others. Windows users can now get Fonstand from their website.




London-based Colophon Foundry released a revisited and extended version of Transcript. Originally designed for Centreforld Magazine No. 6 in 2010, Transcript was designed as “a headline typeface with enough distinction and strength to carry through the issue.” Including both proportional and monospaced versions across 5 weights and 14 styles, Transcript supports three scripts: Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek. Transcript is available on the Colophon website.



Los Andes Type released Fibra this week. The geometric sans serif, designed by Jorge Cisterna is “not a revival of ‘Avant Garde’—by Herb Lubalin—but it takes its spirit.” Designed for display purposes, Fibra’s characters run wide, with ample stylistic alternatives, and some quirky features (like a square terminal on the legs of R and K). You can find all of Fibra’s 28 styles on fonts.com.

Typography 38

The Type Directors Club released its thirty eighth design yearbook this week. The 336-page book includes 215 winning designs from the “63rd annual Type Directors Club competition [, which] were selected from over 2,000 international submissions.” The book’s cover, designed by Giulio Ferrarella of New York agency Leftloft, uses a “lenticular” film which shapeshifts as the viewer’s angle changes; to the left, you can see a video of the cover in action. Type Director’s Club members will automatically receive a copy of Typography 38 soon—non-members can purchase it from the TDC store.


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Two European schools receive contemporary rebrands

Two European schools receive contemporary rebrands

“Earn your black belt in typography.”

“Earn your black belt in typography.”