Weekly Roundup: December 23

Weekly Roundup: December 23

Here is the sixth regular update by TYPE of font releases, custom type launches, and type-related events.


Holiday Card Creator

TypeNetwork published an interactive holiday card generator, complete with twenty ready-made digital card designs featuring a total of 40 typefaces by TypeNetwork’s foundry partners. The website lets users add their “holiday missives” to their chosen greeting, then share it painlessly across social media or email. Try it out and send your own holiday card via the TypeNetwork website.  


Dala Floda Cyrillic

Originally created by Paul Barnes as a logotype in 1997, Dala Floda enjoyed its Latin commercial release in 2010. Now, Commercial Type and type.today have published Dala Floda Cyrillic, designed by Ilya Ruderman. A highly-stylized stencil face, Dala Floda proved tough to transliterate: “With Cyrillic characters, there is a lot of ‘information’ inside of the x-height, but with Dala Floda Cyrillic this was tricky because there wasn’t much space to work with,” explained Ruderman, adding, “it was difficult to find the right balance[.]” You can find Dala Floda Cyrillic on Commercial Type and type.today.


Lab Grotesque Mono

Letters from Sweden published Lab Grotesque Mono, the two-weight monospace brother of Lab Grotesque. Available in Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic, Göran Söderström and the Stockholm Design Lab took a counterintuitive approach when designing the typeface: “Rather than trying to hide the repercussions of forcing proportional letters to become monospaced, we emphasized [sic] the effect.” Lab Grotesque Mono is available on the Letters from Sweden website.

 2016 Competition award ceremony in Kyo

2016 Competition award ceremony in Kyo

Morisawa Competition

Morisawa announced their latest type design competition, which will open applications in the fall of 2018 and reveal its winners the following spring. The competition, which Morisawa started in 1984, offers industry-leading cash prizes for both Kanji and Latin categories; the most recent competition garnered greater than 700 entries. Stay up to date with the Morisawa Type Design Competition through their website.


Bluu Suuperstar

Black[Foundry] released Jean-Baptiste Morizot’s “brutalist serif typeface,” Bluu Suuperstar this week. Described as “Garalde-style,” the face’s sharp edges, wedge serifs, and pronounced terminals “prove that not all of the [Garalde] results need to look the same.” Available in four weights (regular to black), each with an italic, Bluu Suuperstar works as well in display as in body text. Looking beyond the typical ledger of features, the Black[Foundry] chose to include a “separate font of color emojis designed in a matching style[,] named Bluumoji, and it includes 73 glyphs.” Bluu Suuperstar is available on the Black[Foundry] website


TypeCon 20

The Society of Typographic Aficionados announced the location and dates for the twentieth annual TypeCon: Portland, Oregon from August 1st to the 5th. This marks the third repeat location in recent TypeCon history, as the conference returned to both Seattle and Boston the past two years. Diverting from previous iterations, though, the conference planners have announced a total of three keynote presentations, rather than the typical one. You can find more information on the TypeCon website.

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Buffy’s fluffy brand

Buffy’s fluffy brand

Two European schools receive contemporary rebrands

Two European schools receive contemporary rebrands