Welcome to TYPE

Welcome to TYPE

A Little Back-Story

Back in August of 2016, Roger Black approached me about his idea to launch a new magazine about typography and design. He asked me to join the project as managing editor and I am as excited today as I was six months ago.

TYPE is an opportunity to share what I love most about the world of typography: The People.

Using the contacts that Roger has (I literally think he knows everyone in the industry and has a matching story for each person) and my connections through making “Linotype: The Film” we hope to tell great stories from great people.

What is TYPE?

You can read our “About” page for the full details, but here is the condensed version:

  • TYPE is a destination to be inspired from the world of type and design.
  • TYPE opens up the world of typography to curious people outside of the profession.
  • TYPE is interested in the “who?” and “why?” of type and design—not just the “what?”
  • TYPE is a magazine of intriguing profiles and personal narratives—not an academic journal or technical manual.
  • TYPE interviews and features established veterans and newcomers to the world of type with a focus on diversity and inclusion.

We’re eager to participate in the future of typography—and we’re enthralled by the past.

What Happened to “Typographics”?

TYPE Magazine is the succesor to the idea Roger Black announced at the launch party in June 2016 at the Typographics Conference. We decided to change the name to make it more inclusive and to clear up any confusion between the conference (which we still support) and the magazine. 

Part of what makes TYPE unique is that we are completely independent of any foundry, organization, conference, or school. This independence means that we can write about type and design without any conflicts of interest or need to lean towards a specific line of thought.

What is Coming Up?

This web site is just the beginning. We wanted to start a simple blog to begin to tell the world about TYPE and our future ambitions. We launched the first printed edition of TYPE in this Fall. You can get all the print editions, and support our efforts, by becoming a Charter Member

I am excited about the future of TYPE. We have big ideas and big stories to tell, and I hope you will join us. 

Updated October 18, 2017. Doug Wilson, a designer in Denver, set up this site and assigned and edited many articles in No. 1. He’s best known as the director and producer of Linotype: The Movie.

“The Magic of 3-D Lettering in a Typeface”

“The Magic of 3-D Lettering in a Typeface”

Profile: Briar Levit, Designer and Filmmaker

Profile: Briar Levit, Designer and Filmmaker