Announcing TYPE No. 1

Announcing TYPE No. 1

Stories about people, and type

The premiere issue of TYPE is going to press this month, and will be out in September. This is a new quarterly magazine—and a more frequently updated web site—devoted to type design and typography. 

Following the classic strategy for a magazine—to run big stories and big pictures and to focus on people, TYPE No. 1 will offer long-form reading for people who love fonts. As well as short posts and articles. The first issue focuses on the type design, which is enjoying a boom. 

Sign up for a free copy of No. 1, here.

Long-form stories in the first issue include: 

A New Generation—Four recent grads from the great type design schools are off to an amazing start. By Stephen Coles.

The Faces of Microsoft—The untold story of the people who put good type into the biggest OS. By John Berry.


The Story of Yatra—Inspired by Indian rail stations. By Catherine Leigh Schmidt
Amazing Type Projects from Around the World. By Amy Papaelias
James Edmondson’s Hobeaux. By Jason Tselentis
The National Parks Posters. By Joshua Farmer

And: Jon Tan on discounts, David Jonathan Ross on variable fonts, and Liron Lavi Turkenich on “The Revenge of Lydian.”

Vincent Winter provides key design reporting, as well as collaboration on the typography and layout. 

On the digital side, we’re building out this web blog with an original design by Mike Pick, filled with web fonts, of course.  Each time a print edition comes out, moves that content to the front. Between editions, the blog will continue with more frequent updates.

Of course, as a design magazine, TYPE offers visual content including illustrations by Jeffrey Smith and photographs by Brian Smale—and plenty of images of type, new and old.

We're just closing TYPE No. 1 now. If you want a free copy of our premiere issue, sign up for an Introductory Membership! 

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