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Google Fonts's new typeface grid, without their previous red.

Google Fonts’ new storefront

Google Fonts turns 10 and unveils a new website to celebrate

Google Fonts celebrated its 10-year anniversary recently with the launch of a new interface. The new site supports variable fonts with in-browser axes sliders and a filter to exclude non-variable faces. The site’s design sports an accessible color palette, so the visually impaired will have an easier time browsing it.

The new typeface pages strip some old information, but keep the popular pairings.

Still appearing is the “Pairings” section for each font, which seems to show the most popular pairs for each font. Keep in mind, though, that these pairs are not tailored for appearance, but reflect the tastes of Google Fonts’ widespread userbase.

Full glyph and styles lists, without the extra information the old site showed.

Missing from the new site, though, are the fascinating usage statistics, which show the number of times per week a given typeface is used, how that number compares to other typefaces, and a breakdown of that number by nation. For those who are interested in these statistics, they are still accessible through the “Return to classic site” button at the top of each page.

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