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Sleight of Hand

Nicolò Visioli

Every day you can learn something

Nick Visiol is based in Milan, Italy, whose broad-ranging work belies the mere four years he’s been practicing. In the calligraphic world, though, it’s the depth of practice and the making itself that pays off.

Everything about calligraphy interests me, from A to Z. Discovering and studying styles, the tools and the respective “tricks” to make them work better, the different types of paper and the different uses— everything! I started when I was a child, always wanting to write at school and trying to be as precise as possible in the layout.  As a teenager, I started with graffiti before approaching calligraphy. This is my fourth year studying calligraphy seriously, and I hope to grow more and more.

The important thing for me is to feel good while doing what you love. Then, whether you want to call it art or work is subjective. The value of this art is, first of all, to defend and rediscover an art that, unfortunately, in this millennium, does not have much relevance.

There are many artists whose work I admire. I don’t really have one in particular because I do not want to fall into the “trap” of emulating a master without even realizing it.

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