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Debbie Millman, Lloyd Ziff, Roger Black, John Williams, and Vincent Winter on the typography of Rolling Stone.

The type of Rolling Stone

Scenes from the Art of Rolling Stone

A look back at TYPE’s first event

Our first event brought together greater than a dozen art directors and photo editors from Rolling Stone’s 50-year history. The result was a mix of professional insight, practical how-to, and emotional reunion. Here is a look back at some of the event’s best moments.

Before the conference, TYPE and Rolling Stone hosted an intimate reception at Up&Down, a rock-and-roll cocktail bar just blocks from the SVA Theatre.
The conference started with check-in and coffee, sponsored by TypeNetwork.
Debbie Millman, Lloyd Ziff, Roger Black, John Williams, and Vincent Winter.

“I don’t have a typography philosophy, but if I did, it would be: ‘Steal from the best.’”

—Lloyd Ziff

“It’s not just a collection of elements. Does it sing? Does it further the concept and experience for the reader?”

—Vincent Winter

“It was a little hand crafted, a little awkward, a little odd—which made it very Rolling Stone.”

—Roger Black

“Every photo editor falls in love with the surprise of seeing the photos after they’re processed.”

—Karen Mullarkey

Jodi Peckman, Kory Kennedy, Vincent Winter, Martine Winter, Chris Austopchuck, Roger Black, John Williams, Andy Cowles, Joe Hutchinson, and Fred Woodward.
Terry McDonell, Karen Mullarkey, Martine Winter, and Jodi Peckman.

“Once you develop an eye for one thing, you have an eye for everything.”

—Martine Winter

“How I became the first photographer for Rolling Stone was a mix of opportunity and serendipity.”

—Baron Wolman

Joe Hutchinson and Andy Cowles.

“To most people, there are only two typefaces: plain and fancy.”

—Andy Cowles

“Rolling Stone is a unique place, and it gave us all unique opportunities.”

—Fred Woodward

Thank you to all who came to The Art of Rolling Stone, the speakers, the hosts, SVA Theater, Up&Down, Rolling Stone, Penske Media Corporation, Alta Magazine, and TypeNetwork.
It was a truly memorable event, and we look forward to putting together more like it in the future.

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