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Slate ‘Redux’

While The Guardian’s recent redesign has made headlines, the recent Slate “redux” has been turning heads.

Slate, founded in 1996, is web-magazine that offers “analysis and commentary about politics, news, business, technology, and culture.” The site also leads the podcast industry, with fifteen different shows on everything from the English language to Donald Trump, from food to the justice system. In a recent article, Slate’s design director Jason Santa Maria revealed that the company has been working on its “Redux” for more than a year.

What started as an “experiment” became a complete overhaul, touching website design, advertising, merchandise, and events. The design, on which Slate’s internal design team collaborated with New York-based studio Gretel, deepens Slate’s recognizable maroon, layers colorful and typographic elements, and adds a few hand-drawn graphics. The new design also features a new typographic combination: A2-Type’s Register for headlines and Frere-Jones Type’s Retina for body and supporting text.

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