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Sleight of Hand

Tomoko Seki

Beautiful movement and supple line

Tomoko Seki’s father is a master of East Asian calligraphy, as was her grandfather, but her own practice is firmly in the western form. Yet her precise, elegant round-hand and seemingly effortless flourishes are done with a fine pointed brush rather than a metal pen, hearkening back to her early studies of Japanese calligraphy.

The beautiful movement and supple line of Western writing always fascinated me, and so I attended a Western calligraphy school in Japan.

The art becomes deeper and deeper the more I know. Sometimes I have to clear many hurdles before I can face myself.

I am inspired by many calligraphers around the world. Through letter arts, I can convey my thoughts beyond words and nationality, and I receive warm and kind responses from all over.

Although I didn’t study art at university, I have been interested in color since I was a child, and I studied color after graduating from junior college.

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