Patric King


Patric King


Patric (“PK”) King began his career with Thirst in 1994. While there, he built the site for Thirstype, and managed Thirst’s second office, Thirst2. In 1999, he took a position with Leapnet to create an internal continuing education program for its 40 designers. In 2002, PK moved out on his own to begin House of Pretty, Ltd. with his husband and creative partner, Su. Utilizing the pair’s longstanding interests in the intersections between type design, journalism, and publishing mechanisms, House of Pretty branded and built all of Gawker Media’s sites, as well as Radar Magazine for News Corp. After Gawker and Radar, the pair re-branded and re-launched Deadline Hollywood and Movieline, the cult favorite movie magazine, for PMC Media. In 2015, PK launched a boutique type design label, XO Type Co, and has since been concentrating exclusively in type design and identity design.

A new typeface for Chicago

Big Shoulders is a new system of condensed American Gothic typefaces, created in partnership with Ogilvy for the city and citizens of Chicago to use, without charge, in any way they see fit. The family’s tall, sans-serif forms are based in Chicago’s multiple histories in railway transport, journalism, advertising, and public political action. Patric will walk through the design of the system, its potential usage, future growth, and the impetus behind branding a city through type.

Events with Patric King

  • Presentation: “A New Typeface for Chicago” on Friday, October 4