Will Miller


Will Miller


As designer and design director at Firebelly, Will leads creative teams that define brand direction and apply visual strategy skills to achieve functional and appropriate solutions.

Additionally, as an instructor of "Fundamental Typography" classes, Will advises and mentors students through structured critiques and workshop engagements. Helping students prepare for the expectations, requirements and necessary skills of design and visual communication leadership roles, Will works with students to discuss broader concepts of typography, image and design systems as tools of communication.

Design for Good

Firebelly, a leading Chicago design agency, had a big year typographically. Starting with their Grant for Good, the studio redesigned the Type Director's Club’s website and collateral. Next, Typeforce, a curated event and show featuring emerging typographic artists organized by Firebelly, celebrated its 10th year. We'll talk about the past, present, future, and inspiration behind Typeforce.

Events with Will Miller

Panel: “Design for Good” with Nermin Moufti on Friday, October 4